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Flexispot Standing Desk Review in 2022 For Home Office

Flexispot is one of the top desk brands on the market. Aside from desks, they also offer chairs, desk bikes, monitor mounts, and massagers. All of their products are well-built and top-quality. As a result, picking the best can be quite a daunting task; that’s why we decided to create this list to select a standing desk of your choice easily. So I hope you will stick to the end of this Flexispot standing desk review article.

Unlike a traditional sitting desk, a standing desk offers many benefits to users. These include reducing the risk of heart diseases, reducing the danger of weight gain or obesity, increasing productivity, reducing back pain, lowering blood sugar levels, and improving your mood and focus. 

10 Best Flexispot Standing Desk Reviews

Without wasting any time, below are some of the top Flexispot standing desks on the market:  

EN1 55″ X 28″ Flexispot Electric Standing Desk Review

If you’re working from home and desire a flexible desk that will ensure you don’t experience pain, fatigue, or lose focus while working from home, the Flexispot EN1 electric standing desk is for you. Made of powder-coated steel tubing and a solid wood top, this desk will handle all the loads that you place on it, and it will last for a very long time. 

Flexispot EN1 5-inches by 28-inches electric standing desk is very convenient to use as you can adjust its height from a sitting to a standing desk. Thanks to the 3-programmable memory preset options, you can select a height of between 28-inches and 47.6-inches. Therefore, you will stay productive and healthy as you work from home. 

Additionally, this desk comes with a large work area, which is crucial for individuals with lots of work. However, it has a limit of 154 pounds, meaning it can hold up to two monitors, a laptop, and a few other items. Unlike some adjustable desks that make noise during operation, this desk is quiet and operates smoothly. 

One of the setbacks of this desk is that it doesn’t come with pre-drilled holes, so you will be required to drill the holes before assembling the desk. 

Features We Liked:

  • Sturdy construction 
  • Adjustable height to allow you to work while standing or sitting 
  • It has a large work area 
  • It operates quietly 
  • The desk looks elegant and can easily blend with most modern décor 


  • It doesn’t come with pre-drilled holes, meaning you will have to drill them for the box assembly
  • It is time-consuming to set up

Flexispot EC1 48″ x 30″ Adjustable Height Standing Desk 

Flexispot EC1, an adjustable height standing desk, is exceptionally designed for use at home. Since most homes have limited space, this desk is compact, allowing the buyer to have room for other furniture or items. Nonetheless, with dimensions of 48-inches x 30-inches, this desk can be used for all kinds of works. 

On top of that, it is well-built to last long and offers flexibility for people working from home. Adjust it from sitting to standing in minutes. This is important as it is easy for people who work from home to lose focus or feel pain while seated for long hours. 

What’s more, the Flexispot EC1 desk operates silently as the lift system moves the tabletop from 28-inches to 47.6-inches and back. This desk will easily fit in both modern and traditional home designs with its sleek and stylish design. 

Nonetheless, this desk doesn’t feature drawers or a cable management system, which are vital for the proper organization of your home office. 


  • Durable construction 
  • It is adjustable 
  • The standig desk is ergonomically designed 
  • It is spacious 
  • Excellent design that compliments most modern themes


  • It doesn’t feature drawers
  • It lacks a cable management system 

Flexispot M3B 47″ Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter 

Now in this Flexispot standing desk converter review section, we will talk about the M3B desk converter. If space is a huge problem but still wants an adjustable home office desk, then the Flexispot M3B height adjustable standing desk converter is the best option. Offering 47-inches of space, this desk can accommodate two monitors and a laptop. Thanks to the two-tier design that includes the desktop and quick-release keyboard tray. 

Flexispot M3B height adjustable standing desk converter is also well-built as it’s constructed from wood and alloy steel. Besides, unlike most desk converters, this unit doesn’t need two hands to adjust it from sitting to standing or vice-versa. Instead, just use one hand to get from sitting to standing in minutes. 

Backed with a 5-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee, this is a reliable desk from a reliable brand. Nonetheless, this desk has some setbacks, such as its weight. The desk is heavy but portable. On top of that, the desk doesn’t come with grommet holes, which will make organizing your home office a challenge. 


  • The desk has better longevity 
  • It has a reliable lifting system
  • The desk looks elegant and strong 
  • It offers a large work area 
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty 


  • It doesn’t have grommet holes for proper office planning 
  • It is pretty heavy compared to other desk converters 

Flexispot M7B 28″ Standing Desk Converter 

You have already gone through our top 3 Flexispot standing desk reviews. Flexispot M7B 28-inch standing desk converter is not only sleek and sturdy but also practical. Measuring 28-inches, this desk cannot hold many monitors simultaneously, but it is durable and stable. However, it can hold a monitor on the top tier and a laptop on the lower tier. 

The desk is also beautifully designed with a reliable lifting system. This system allows the user to adjust the desk from a height of 4.7-inches to 19.7-inches. As a result, the user can work comfortably without sitting or standing the entire day. Furthermore, unlike most desk converters, this desk is very stable as it comes with a double-X frame that distributes weight evenly. 

Nevertheless, this desk is quite heavy and not easy to carry around. Additionally, it is not very spacious, which may limit some people in what they can do on this desk. 


  • Durably constructed 
  • Sleek and elegant design 
  • It comes with two tiers for proper organization and convenience
  • It can be adjusted to suit your needs 


  • It is somewhat expensive 
  • It is not very spacious 

Flexispot EW8 48″ Height Adjustable Standing Desk 

Flexispot EW8 height adjustable standing desk is the best desk for people with kids or pets at home. Fitted with a child lock button, this desk will only work when you want it to. Furthermore, the desk comes with an anti-collision function that prevents it from bumping into things. So, it is very safe to use when you have pets and kids around. 

Besides, the Flexispot EW8 height adjustable desk also provides a large work area, as it measures 48-inches, which is ideal for most office work, computers, writing, and gaming. Finally, unlike most Flexispot standing desks, this unit is easy to assemble. Therefore, you won’t need a helping hand. 

When it comes to building quality, this is a sturdy desk that will last for a long while. It is made of powder-coated steel tubing and solid wood that will put up with daily wear and tear. Moreover, it comes with a unique lift system with 4-programmable memory presets. This allows the user to work from a comfortable position while sitting or standing. 

A unique feature of this standing desk is the large drawer that helps to keep the user organized. Even though the lift system is very efficient, the motor is loud and noisy. Overall, it is one of the best standing desks from Flexispot. 


  • Robust construction 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • Large work area 
  • Excellent lift system 
  • It has a large drawer for keeping office supplies 
  • The anti-collision function prevents it from bumping into things 
  • The child lock button ensures that it only works when you want it to 


  • It doesn’t come with grommet holes 
  • The motor is somewhat loud and noisy during operation 

Flexispot M2B 35″ Standing Desk Converter 

If you’re looking for a very flexible standing desk converter, you can’t go wrong with the Flexispot M2B 35-inch desk converter. This unit has a manual lift system that allows the user to lift the desktop to 12 different levels. Therefore, they can adjust the desk to a level they feel the most comfortable. So, working while seated or standing is fun. 

What’s more, this desk is easy to adjust as you can use one hand to do so. On top of that, you can place a monitor and a laptop on this desk without any issue. Thanks to the removable keyboard tray that also doubles up as a work surface. 

At such an affordable price, the Flexispot M2B 35-inch standing desk converter offers value for money. On the contrary, the desk is made of particleboard, which is not so durable. But generally, this is an excellent purchase. 

Short Flexispot m2b standing desk reviews:

  • Sleek and lovely design 
  • It is easy to put together 
  • It comes with a keyboard tray for convenience 
  • The desk is easy to adjust using one hand 
  • It is affordable 
  • It comes with 12 adjustment levels for convenient use 


  • It is not durable as it is made of particleboard 

Flexispot EC9 48″ x 24″ Height Adjustable Standing Desk 

If you’re looking for an elegant but minimal design standing desk, the Flexispot EC9 height adjustable desk is a perfect fit for you. With a working surface of 48-inches by 24-inches, this standing desk can accommodate two monitors. Besides, it can also be used for gaming, designing, and writing. 

Flexispit EC9 height adjustable desk comes with an efficient electric lift system that will help you adjust from sitting to standing in seconds. What’s more, it has a great lift range of between 28.7-inches and 48.4-inches. And with a maximum lifting weight capacity of 110 pounds, this is one of the best desks on this list. 

However, the manufacturer should have included a drawer for keeping supplies and grommet holes for proper cable management. With a 5-year warranty, this is one of the top standing desks from Flexispot. 


  • Sturdy construction 
  • You can adjusted it accoding to meet the your needs
  • The desk is spacious 
  • It is straightforward to assemble 
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty 


  • It doesn’t come with drawers
  • It lacks a cable management system 

Flexispot 35-inch Height-adjustable Standing Desk Converter 

If you’re looking for a spacious desk converter that you can place on two monitors and a laptop, don’t look further than the Flexispot 35-inch height adjustable standing desk converter. Featuring a large desktop and keyboard tray, you can place your two monitors on the top tier and the laptop on the lower tier. What’s more, you can also use the desk for gaming, writing, or even reading. 

The Flexispot 35-inch height adjustable standing desk converter also comes with a gas spring lift system that is easy to adjust from 5.5-inches to 19.7-inches. On top of that, it has an intuitive lock mechanism that locks the deck in position. So, no matter the height you choose, you can relax knowing that the desk is stable and the lift system won’t collapse. 

Furthermore, this desk is robustly constructed to support 33 pounds on the top tier and 4.4 pounds on the lower tier. Apart from that, setting up the unit is seamless, and its stylish design will match most contemporary home decors. Unfortunately, however, it is somewhat expensive. 

Things we like:

  • It is spacious
  • The desk is sturdily built 
  • It comes with a reliable lift system 
  • It is height adjustable 
  • The manufacturer offers a 5-year warranty 


  • It is pretty expensive 

Flexispot EM7MB 36″ Motorized Standing Desk Converter 

Flexispot EM7MB 36-inch motorized standing desk converter is another top-quality standing desk from Flexispot. Fitted with a motorized adjustable system, this desk is perfect for people experiencing back pain or losing focus because of sitting behind a desk the entire day. In addition, this desk allows the user to adjust it from sitting to standing in seconds. And since it is motorized, the process is easier and faster than manual adjustable standing desks.

Moreover, this desk is well-built to holder more than one monitor and a laptop. Thanks to the durable alloy steel X-lift structure and engineered wood desktop. Besides, it is simple to operate with an up/down button for lifting the desk. On top of that, this Flexispot desk is very stable as it has a patented bracing system that holds the desk in place after being adjusted. So, it cannot collapse easily, even when fully loaded. 

The only challenge that interested buyers of this standing desk converter will face is that it doesn’t come cheap. Nonetheless, overall, it is one of the top Flexispot standing desk converters on the market. 


  • It has a large desktop 
  • The desk is well-built to last 
  • It has an efficient electric lift system 
  • It is safe to operate as it comes with a patented bracing system


  • It is expensive 

Flexispot EC1 48″ x 30″ Adjustable Height Electric Desk 

The Flexispot EC1 adjustable height electric desk makes working from home fun, easy, and productive as its height can be adjusted from sitting to standing in seconds. Thanks to the dependable lift system that is very efficient and quiet in operation. 

What’s more, this desk has a large working area, which measures48-inches by 30-inches. As a result, you can use the desk for any work. Moreover, the desk can support up to 154 pounds, ideal for most home office projects. Additionally, the desk is very stable as it is made of solid wood and powder-coated steel tubing. 

Apart from lacking drawers and it requires drilling before installation, this is an excellent and reliable home office standing desk. 


  • Robust construction 
  • Spacious 
  • Excellent lift system allows the user to adjust from standing to sitting in seconds 
  • It has an ergonomic design for added convenience when working 
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty 


  •  It needs drilling before installation 
  • It doesn’t come with a drawer for proper organization 


Flexispot offers some of the best standing desks on the market. The Flexispot standing desks that we have reviewed above are some of the best decks on the market. So, take your time and pick a desk that appeals to your needs and budget. Unlike conventional sitting desks, adjustable standing desks ensure that you’re comfortable, healthy, focused, and productive, as you can switch from sitting to standing anytime you wish to. Hence, picking a suitable standing desk from Flexispot will help you achieve a lot as you work from hoke or the office. 


Is Flexispot standing desk worth it?

If you’re searching for the best standing desks on the market, you can never be disappointed with the Flexispot standing desks. The desk from this manufacturer is made of top-quality and sturdy materials. On top of that, most of the desks are adjustable, allowing you to work while seated or standing. Besides, they are very stable even when at full height with laptops and monitors. 

So, if you’re ready to spend to get some of the best standing desks on the market, the Flexispot brand offers nothing less than the best. It doesn’t matter if you want a desk for computer, writing, gaming, designing, or even reading; Flexispot offers various desks suitable for different users. 

Is Flexispot an American company?

Yes, Flexispot is an American company. It is located along Las Positas Rd, Suite A, Livermore, California. Nevertheless, they have stores all over the country and around the globe. Other Flexispot stores in the USA can be found in Phoenix, Atlanta, Jacksonville, Manning, Byron Center, Logan, and Houston. 

Flexispot was started in 1998, but it has grown rapidly and can be found in all corners of the world. Apart from the USA, Flexispot also has stores in the UK, Germany, Philippines, Vietnam, China, and Japan. 

Are standing desks worth it?

Yes, standing desks are worth it. If you want to be productive, focused, and healthy, a standing desk is the best option. However, the desk should be adjustable, or it will be even worse than a sitting desk. Standing for more than 8 years a day is not suitable for your health. But alternating between standing and sitting throughout the day reduces the danger of shoulder and back pain. 

How long does Flexispot take to ship?

Flexispot is one of the home office desk brands that ship its products very fast. In most cases, it will take between 3 to 8 days to get to your desk. Nonetheless, if you’re located outside of the US, it may take longer. Besides, most in-stock orders ship within the same day if ordered by 3 PM Central Time and one more day if shipped after this time. 

Does Flexispot offer a warranty?

Yes, Flexispot offers a warranty to the original purchase. Note that the warranty is non-transferable. What’s more, the warranty is provided to clients who buy from Flexispot or authorized resellers and retailers. Flexispot provides a 5-year warranty that covers the frame, motor, and other mechanisms. On the contrary, it has a 2-year warranty that covers the controller and switch. 


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