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Best Standing Desk Reviews [Updated List of 2022]

Working from home has become the norm for most people. But, despite all the benefits and conveniences working from home offers, it also has its challenges. And one of those challenges is sitting all day or for at least 8 hours. Sitting all day isn’t just bad for your health, but it can also reduce your focus. That’s where standing desks come in. 

If you have a standing desk or standing desk convertor at home, you don’t have to feel pain, lose focus, or risk your health by sitting in the same place the entire day. On the contrary, it will help you switch positions after every few hours so that you can stay healthy, focused, and productive throughout the day. You can sit or stand whenever you want with a suitable standing desk. 

But since there are dozens and dozens of standing desks with various features, materials, sizes, heights, functionality, colors, and price tags, choosing the best desk is not easy. With that in mind, we decided to sample the best standing desks on the market so that you can have an easy time choosing the suitable desk for your needs and budget.


Reviews of Best Standing Desk 2022 With In-Depth Feature Details

Here is the top standing desks list: 

Flexispot EC1 48X30 Electric Standing Desk 

If you want a quality standing desk with a quiet operating lift system, the Flexispot EC1 electric standing desk is one of the best options. This desk will last for an extended period as it’s made out of a heavy-duty steel frame with a whole-piece solid desktop. Besides, it makes the user productive as it can be adjusted to suit different needs. 

Adjust the silent and smooth electric height adjustable system to use the unit while sitting or standing. It is easy to set up, but you have to be careful with the motor to avoid burning it. On top of that, the Flexispot EC1 electric standing desk comes in a lovely white finish that will complement most modern homes. 

Things we like:

  • Sturdy construction 
  • Quiet operation 
  • It can be adjusted to suit your needs 
  • It has a large work area 


  • You need to be careful while installing the unit as you can accidentally burn the motor 

Vari Essential 48X24 Electric Standing Adjustable Home Office Desk 

Vari Essential electric standing adjustable home office desk is one of the best standing desks on the market. As lovely and straightforward as it looks, this desk is easy to install and affordable. Besides, it comes with all the tools and hardware needed for installation.

What’s more, the Vari Essential electric standing desk has four programmable memory settings with an LED display. This allows you to adjust the desk to your preferred height while sitting or standing. Additionally, the unit is not wobbly as it features T-Style legs for stability. 

Even though the desk is compact, it can lift a maximum of 150 pounds, which is fantastic for its height. On top of that, it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 3-year warranty. 


  • Sleek and stylish design 
  • It has a programmable height for comfort working 
  • It is sturdily built for longevity 
  • The desk has an excellent lift height and a weight capacity of up to 150 pounds 
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty 


  • It is pretty slow in operation as it comes with a single motor 

ApexDesk Elite Series 71-inch Electric Standing Desk 

If you’ve been having a hard time working on a small desk, the ApexDesk Elite Series71-inch electric standing desk will be an excellent option. With a tabletop space of 71-inches, you can place two monitors or two laptops on this desk and still have room. Besides, the table comes with several accessories that make it fun to use. 

You can also adjust from sitting to standing in a breeze as it has one of the fastest and most efficient lifting systems on the market. This unit is more rapid because it uses a dual motor. However, this desk is not very stable, and it takes time to put together. Aside from these setbacks, you will love having this adjustable height desk as it is convenient for big projects and allows you to focus as you meet your goals. 


  • It has a large work area 
  • The lift mechanism is very efficient and fast 
  • It allows users to work while standing or sitting 
  • Well-built to last long 
  • It has multiple colors to choose from 


  • The cable management tray is sold separately 
  • It is pretty cumbersome to setup

Flexispot 32-inch Best Standing Desk Converter Adjustable Desk 

If space is a problem in your home, but you still want a decent work desk, the Flexispot 32-inch standing desk converter adjustable desk is the perfect desk for you. At such a fantastic price, you get a quality and functional desk that you can use for gaming, computer, or reading. 

The Flexispot 32-inch standing desk also features a reliable lifting system that allows you to work while seated or standing. Moreover, this desk won’t scratch your desk as it comes with rubber footings. This unit’s other notable features include a removable keyboard tray, specially designed sliding rail, specially braced X-Lift structure, and high-powered gas springs. 

The only challenge is that it is small and won’t suit people who want a larger working surface. 


  • The unit is robustly constructed 
  • The desk is affordable 
  • It is stylish and attractive 
  • Flexispot is easy to clean  


  • It has a small work area 
  • Poor customer service 

SHW 55-Inch Large Electric Adjustable Desk 

SHW 55-inch large electric adjustable desk is a beautifully designed and functional home office desk. It measures 55 X 28-inches, which is enough working space for most office projects. Besides, this is enough space for writing, gaming, and reading. 

Made of Oak, the desk looks elegant and will easily blend with most modern themes. On top of that, it is durably constructed as it features an oak top and high-grade industrial steel legs. Below the legs are bottom glides that can be adjusted to stabilize the desk on an uneven floor. 

Adjusting the desk is easy as it comes with four preset memory options that enable you to lift the desk from one height to another. Besides, the electric lift system is functional and can raise the desk from a height of 28-inches to 45-inches. 

Overall, the SHW 55-inch large electric adjustable desk is one of the best electric standing desks you can install in your home office. 

Features we liked:

  • It is elegantly designed to match with most home offices
  • It is easy to adjust with four preset memory options 
  • The desk is strongly built to last 
  • It is easy to manage cables as it features a cable management basket and wire management 
  • Adjustable bottom glides allow the user to place the desk even on an uneven surface 

What we don’t like: 

  • Installing the unit is somewhat challenging as you will have to set it up while it is upside down 

Monomi Store 55X28-inches Electric Height Adjustable Desk 

Monomi Store electric height adjustable desk creates the perfect work environment for work-from-home individuals. Measuring 55X28-inches, this desk offers a large work area, which is ideal for different tasks. Aside from accommodating two laptops or two computers, this desk can also accommodate a photo frame and potted plants. 

Besides being large, the Monomi Store electric height adjustable desk is also stylish and elegant. Therefore, it will change the look of your room or office. It is also reliable as it’s made from heavy-duty steel and a durable desktop. Together with a dedicated, fast lift height adjustable system, this is a desk that will help you pay attention as you work and be productive. 

The best part about owning this desk is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. So, you don’t have to worry about it being defective. 


  • Large work surface
  • Excellent lifting system
  • It has a standing desk cable hole for easy cable management 
  • It comes with anti-collision technology that protects the desk from bumps and scratches 
  • This desk is easy to maneuver as it comes with lockable casters 
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty 


  • It is reasonably cumbersome to install 

Vivo 32-Inch Standing Desk Converter 

If you’re tired of having back pains, the Vivo 32-inch standing desk converter is the ideal desk for you. Despite being small, this desk can accommodate two laptops or two monitors. It also comes with a keyboard tray for smooth working. On top of that, the desk is sturdily built to last. 

The Vivo standing desk converter has a robust lift, and the lifting system works smoothly, which will prevent your back from aching. Just ensure to adjust the desk to your ideal position. Besides, you can manage your wire correctly as the manufacturer has included a grommet. 

With a 3-year warranty and ease of installation, the Vivo 32-inch standing desk will better your productivity and keep you healthy. 

Positive side:

  • Sturdy construction
  • Requires minimal assembly
  • Stylish and beautiful design to blend with most contemporary themes   
  • The simple and effective touch lift system 
  • It comes with a grommet to help with wire management 
  • 3-year warranty 


  • Less precise lifting system when compared to standalone units 

Vari Electric 60X30-Inches Dual Motor Electric Standing Desk 

If you’re looking for a standing desk that can lift over 200 pounds, you’re in the right place. The Vari electric dual motor standing desk can lift to 200 pounds. This means that it can accommodate two monitors or two laptops without any problem. However, you should not lift it extremely high when fully loaded as it can wobble a bit.

Furthermore, the Vari standing electric standing desk has an ample work area of 60-inches by 30-inches, which is ideal for home office work, gaming, or even writing. Since it comes with four programmable settings, you can adjust this desk to suit your posture and working conditions. Besides, cleaning the desk is super easy as it has a laminate surface that’s straightforward to clean. 


  • It is robustly made 
  • It has a programmable height for convenience during work 
  • The desk is easy to setup
  • It is straightforward to clean as it comes with a laminate finish 
  • 5-year warranty coverage from the manufacturer 


  • It wobbles a bit 

FEZIBO Standing Desk Converter with Ergonomic Tabletop 

FEZIBO Standing Converter desk with an ergonomic tabletop is one of the most straightforward but versatile standing desks on this list. Moreover, the desk is elegant and easy to set up. It has enough space to accommodate a laptop and a monitor. With its ergonomic design, you will enjoy working on this desk, and you can adjust it to change postures or avoid pain during work. 

Additionally, you will love that it comes with a separate keyboard tray that allows you to work comfortably and productively. Finally, when it comes to raising and lowering your desk, the gas spring braking system won’t disappoint as it performs very effectively. And with the ergonomic handles, raising or lowering your desk is a breeze. 

A unique feature of this desk is the multi-function slot that enables you to keep various things, such as memos, smartphones, diaries, and much more. 

Key features:

  • Sleek and stylish design 
  • Straightforward to set up
  • Reliable lifting system 
  • Easy to operate 
  • It doesn’t wobble


  • It slides over the desk as it doesn’t come with rubber feet or glides 

FEZIBO 55 X 24-Inches Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk  

FEZIBO is one of the leading home office desk suppliers with beautiful and sturdy desks to offer. The FEZIBO 55 X 24-Inch electric height adjustable desk is perfect for those who want a beautiful and functional standing desk.

You will love the rustic brown top as it brings nature into the room or home office. It also has a spacious desk that measures 55-inches by 24-inches, which is ideal for tackling all office works. Besides, this desk comes with additional accessories like side hooks, storage drawers, and a cable management tray. All of these features make working fun, as you can access most of your things while seated. 

What’s more, the desk is well-built and stable as it comes with metal legs, a rustic top, and lockable casters to prevent the desk from moving around aimlessly. Nonetheless, the swivel casters rotate up to 360 degrees to allow you to transfer the desk to any room quickly and with much ease. 


  • Well-made for longevity 
  • It can be maneuvered with much ease as it comes with swivel casters 
  • It has a drawer for storing office supplies and hooks for attaching headphones or bag 
  • The desk can be adjusted to suit your working position 
  • It is straightforward to install 


  • The lifting system is not very reliable 

Amazon Basics Gaming Computer Desk with a 100-pound capacity 

If you’re an avid gamer, you will fall in love with the Amazon Basics Gaming Computer desk with a 100 capacity. This standing desk is purposely built for gamers and comes with all the features that they can desire. Some of them include multiple storage compartments for headphones, game cups, controllers, and speakers. Additionally, it has a 5-slot storage shelf, a generous charging station, and an under-desk basket. 

The Amazon Basics Gaming Computer Desk is well-built to hold more than 100 pounds. Thanks to the steel K-Legs and laminated carbon fiber tabletop. The K-Legs provide extra stability to prevent the desk from wobbling.  

Why should you buy this?

  • Robustly constructed
  • An excellent design ideal for gaming 
  • It comes with lots of storage compartments 
  • It is spacious enough and can hold two monitors with the secondary monitor stand 
  • The unit is easy to setup 

Why not?

  • The desk can’t be adjusted
  • It is not shipped correctly and may break 

TechOrbits 32-inch Standing Desk Converter 

TechOrbits 32-inch standing desk converter helps you reduce back pains, lower blood pressure, and increase blood circulation by allowing you to work while seated or standing. Shifting between standing and sitting while working is recommended for your health, and it enables you to be productive. 

Besides, the TechOrbits 32-inch standing desk converter is well built to handle up to 35 pounds, which is excellent. Moreover, this unit comes with gas springs to help raise or lower the table to a position that you’re comfortable working at. 

And since it is made out of MDF, expect this unit to be lightweight for easy transfer from one room to another as you try to focus. Overall, it is an excellent value for money. 


  • Constructed with durable materials 
  • It has risers for dual monitor 
  • It can be adjusted to suit your needs 
  • This model is affordable 
  • It comes with a separate keyboard tray for convenient use 


  • Adjusting the unit can be quite cumbersome 

VIVO Black 36-Inch Height Adjustable Desk Converter 

VIVO Black 36-inch height adjustable desk converter is one of the modest but functional standing desk converters on this list. With a two-tier design, this unit allows the user to work efficiently as the monitor and keyboard are conveniently positioned. What’s more, it has a lift assist system that will enable you to adjust the desk to a level that you’re comfortable with. 

Unlike some desk converters on the list, this unit is simple to assemble and comes with zip ties and cable clips to help you manage your cables. With a 3-year warranty, this is a worthy purchase. 

What are the features

  • It is easy to assemble
  • It has a dual-tier design for convenient use 
  • The desk has cable clips and zip ties to help you manage cables
  • It comes with a smooth vertical lift system 
  • 3-year warranty 


  • The keyboard tray is narrow and not convenient at all 

SIDUCAL Mobile Stand-Up Desk with Adjustable Height 

Made out of MDF wood and steel, the SIDUCAL Mobile Stand-Up desk with adjustable is ergonomically designed to make you productive and reduce fatigue while working from home. Users will love this desk with two different platforms as they can adjust the front or rear platform depending on their needs. Also, one platform can be used to hold a monitor and the other a laptop.

The SIDUCAL Mobile Stand-Up desk is also easy to maneuver as it comes with wheels made of rubber that rotate 360 degrees and allow easy transfer of the unit from one office or room to another. However, adjusting the unit’s height is not easy, but overall, it is an excellent standing desk ideal for home office or gaming. What’s more, it is also among the cheapest units on this list. 

Things we like about this desk:

  • It is well made out of MDF wood and steel 
  • It is spacious as it can fit a monitor and laptop
  • The desk can be easy transferred from one room to another 
  • It can be adjusted to match your needs during work 
  • It is very cheap


  • It is pretty challenging to adjust the tray as it’s manual 
  • It is slightly time-consuming to assemble 

FLEXISPOT 42-Inch Height Adjustable Standing Desk Converter  

FLEXISPOT 42-Inch height adjustable standing desk converter is best suited for individuals looking for a standing desk converter with a large work area. Measuring 42-inches, this unit is large enough and can accommodate up to two monitors with a laptop on the keyboard tray. 

Additionally, the desk converter is well-made as it features alloy steel and engineered wood, which are sturdy. Setting up this unit is not a problem, and the adjustable height system is simple to use. Nonetheless, this standing desk is not very stable, and it wobbles to some extent during use. 


  • It comes with a large work area
  • Best adjustable standing desk available on the market
  • It is easy to install
  • The desk doesn’t come with a pre-determined height like other units 
  • It has a large removable tray that fits a keyboard and mouse 
  • It is well-made to last 
  • 5-year warranty 


  • It is not very stable and wobbles a bit when you type 

VIVO 60 X 24-Inch Electric Height Adjustable Stand-Up Desk 

Working from home isn’t easy at all. But with an ergonomically designed workstation like the VIVO 60-inches by 24-inches standing desk, you will be productive and able to execute most tasks in good time. This height-adjustable stand-up desk comes with telescopic legs and a powerful electric motor that works together to lift the desk from 29-inches to 48.7-inches in a nutshell. 

The desk can also support up to 154 pounds, meaning you can put your laptop and two monitors on the desk without worrying about it crumbling. Aside from that, the sleek and stylish design and walnut finish will make your home office area look lovely. 

Nevertheless, even though it comes with an integrated cable management system, you will have to purchase a separate cable tray for proper cable management. 


  • Sturdy construction
  • Adjustable height for ease of use
  • Large work area
  • Integrated cable management system 
  • Sleek and stylish design and finish 
  • 3-year manufacturer warranty 


  • You will have to buy a separate tray for proper wire management

FEZIBO 48 X 24-Inch Height Adjustable Electric Standing Desk 

FEZIBO is one of the top desk brands on the market. They offer lots of top-notch desks with unique features. The FEZIBO 48-inch by 24-inch height adjustable desk is no exception. This desk is beautifully made out of wood and steel. It also comes with a rustic brown finish that will make your home office look lively. 

Moreover, the desk has ample working space with several storage compartments to keep you organized. The lift system is also effective, and it allows you to choose one of the three preset options for convenient and healthy working. With the ability to hold up to 176 lbs, this desk can be utilized for gaming, writing, or office work. 

What are the advantages?

  • It has a beautiful rustic finish that matches most home themes
  • Large work surface to handle all kinds of jobs 
  • It comes with drawers to help you stay organized 
  • This desk is robustly constructed 
  • It can be adjusted to allow you to change positions as you work 


  • It is pretty cumbersome to setup

Seville Classics AIRLIFT Pro S3 54-Inch Adjustable Standing Desk  

Seville Classics AIRLIFT Pro S3 54-inch height adjustable electric standing desk is among the best desks on this list. It comes with a tabletop made out of MDF with a powder-coated tabletop and steel legs; this unit is sturdy to last. What’s more, it has a dual motor lift system that’s not only efficient but can lift your monitor or laptop to a height of 51-inches. 

Besides, the walnut finish will easily blend with most contemporary décors, and it has an ample work surface. On top of that, this unit is compliant with ANSI/BIFMA, which is exceptional. You can also rely on this desk as it comes with a 7-year warranty, meaning the manufacturer believes in their product. 


  • Durably constructed 
  • Excellent design and finish that complements most homes 
  • It has an efficient, fast, and quiet lift system
  • It is ANSI/BIFMA compliant 
  • The dwsk has one of the best heights 
  • It comes with a 7-year warranty 


  • The desk is quite heavy, and you may need a helping hand to setup 

Things to consider before buying a standing desk 

When picking your standing desk or standing desk converter, there are several things that you should keep in mind to land the best desk possible. Here are the factors to look at: 

Desk material 

Yes, desk material is one of the most overlooked but vital things to look at. The desk’s material determines its durability, functionality, aesthetics, and ease of use. Wood is the best desk material, followed by metal, and then glass or acrylic. 

Besides, some desk material provides a coarse surface that is not ideal for working for long hours. SO, choose the desk material wisely as it will determine how comfortable and long you work on a project. 

Look and feel

Apart from looking at the desk material, another thing to consider is the look and feel of the desk. Rustic desks provide the best looks and can easily blend with most modern décor. And since the desk will be the primary furniture in your work area, ensure to select a beautiful and appealing desk. It should also blend perfectly with your home décor or theme. 

Ease of adjustment 

Standing desks are exceptional as most of them can be adjusted either manually or electronically. However, not all of them are easy to adjust to. Ensure to select a adjust that allows you to change from sitting or standing in a breeze. Besides, the smoother the standing desk goes up and down, the quieter the motor. 


Most standing desks come with two legs. This makes adjusting the desk easy, but it is also risky as it can make it wobble. So, before you spend your hard-earned money on a standing desk that wobbles, ensure to test it out or read reviews to know whether it wobbles or not. A wobbling desk can be fragile and may make you regret why you acquired it in the first place. 

Lift capacity and height range

 Another thing that buyers don’t consider when buying a standing desk is its lift capacity and height range. The lift capacity is crucial as it determines how much weight a desk can lift you to a certain height. Most standing desks can lift to 350 pounds. Always ensure not to overload the desk as your items or devices may come crumbling. 

When it comes to height, ensure to select a desk that you will be comfortable working while sitting or standing. Most standing desks accommodate people with a height range of 5’4″ to 7′. So, if you fall outside this gap, you need to find a desk that will fit you best. 


Are you looking for a desk for gaming, office work, writing, or reading? It is vital to define your function to select the desk with the proper working space. This is because some desks are small and will only fit one laptop or desktop, while you may want a desk that holds a computer and printer. 

Accessories and add-ons 

Not all manufacturers offer accessories and add-ons, such as grommets, cable trays, drawers, hooks, keyboard trays, and much more. Therefore, you should look for a desk with the accessories or add-ons that you desire if you want convenience. 

Ease of assembling 

Some standing desks are very challenging to set up, while others are straightforward to put together. So, before you buy a desk, go through reviews and find out whether you will need a helping hand, extra tools, and the period it will take you to assemble the desk. 


If you’re shipping your desk, make sure it comes with a warranty, as you don’t want to get a damaged or defective unit. Most top standing desk brands offer at least a 1-year warranty. 


Now that you know what to consider and which desks to choose, picking the best standing desk has been made easy. You won’t have to risk your health or lose focus because of working for long hours while seated. 


What is the best standing desk for tall people?

The best stand-up desk for tall people should be able to adjust up to 7′. Additionally, it should have a large working surface so that tall people can have ample time working on the desk. Besides, it shouldn’t have footrests as this may hamper tall people’s comfort while seated. 

Why does using a standing desk make your legs tired? 

People who use standing desks often experience more pain in the lower back, legs, and feet. This is because they use the same muscles, leading to strain. As a result, their legs will feel more tired than a person using a regular desk. 

Why are standing desks important?

Standing desks are vital as they offer a lot of benefits. First and foremost, these desks reduce the danger of gaining weight or obesity. Secondly, these desks help to improve your mood and energy levels. Another advantage of standing desks is that they reduce back pain and may even reduce the risk of heart diseases. Finally, these desks can help improve productivity. 

Do standing desks contribute to back issues?

According to the University of Waterloo, almost half of people that use standing desks are at risk of developing lower back pain. Therefore, they don’t encourage people to work while standing for long hours. However, alternating between sitting and standing offers the best results. 

Are standing desks overrated?

Yes, they are. There is no doubt that standing desks are beneficial as they allow us to stay focused and be more productive. However, these desks are slightly overrated as they cannot be used for long. It is advisable to work while standing for about 20 to 30 minutes. Anything above this is not suitable for your health as well. 

So, even though standing desks are excellent, they cannot replace the benefits offered by sitting desks. That’s why you can work while seated for three or more hours without experiencing a lot of pain, but it is challenging to work while standing for more than 3 hours. 

Is available space important for a standing desk? 

If you decide to buy a standing desk, you will have to consider the available space. Unlike a regular desk, a standing desk needs more space so that it can work flawlessly. Apart from requiring good vertical space, some standing desks may have problems passing through doors and stairwells. So, consider this before buying one. 


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