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Best Small Office Desk of 2022 [Top 19 Recommendations]

Working from home has many challenges that may affect your focus and productivity. But with proper planning and organization, you can overcome all the challenges and stay focused and productive at the same time. One of the greatest setbacks of working from home is lacking enough space to put your desk and chair. Because of this, we decided to highlight some of the best small office desks that can fit in homes with compact spaces. 

Yes, small office desks don’t offer a lot of working room, but with the suitable desk for the right job, you won’t have to worry about their compactness. There are a variety of small desks with different configurations that will serve other purposes. 

Best Small Office Desk You Can Buy For Multiple Task

Below this desk review article, we will provide you with some small office desk ideas to help you choose the right product. Without wasting additional time, here are the most exceptional small desks on the market: 

Flexispot EC1 42X24-Inches Height Adjustable Desk 

Flexispot EC1 42X24-Inches height adjustable desk is one of the best small desks on the market. Besides, it has a lot of work area that allows the user to set up a monitor and a laptop simultaneously. On top of that, the desk is well-made to last long as it comes with a solid wood desktop and industrial-grade steel frames. 

What’s more, it is fitted with an efficient and reliable electric height adjustable lift system. This system adjusts from 28-inches to 47.6-inches, at a speed of 1-inches per second with low noise. Furthermore, the desk can lift 154 pounds, which is outstanding for its size.  

With such top-notch features, the Flexispot EC1 height-adjustable small office desk offers more than just a workspace. Since it can be adjusted, it allows the user to stay healthy, productive, and active while working from home.  

Things we like:

  • Solid construction 
  • It can be adjusted to allow the user to work while standing or sitting 
  • It has a beautiful finish to match most décor 
  • The adjustable office desk comes with a large work area 
  • It features an efficient and silent lifting mechanism 


  • It is somewhat challenging to setup 

Tribesigns 63-Inch Computer Desk

 Tribesigns 63-inch computer desk is perfect for both short and tall people. Thanks to the spacious legroom below the table. Additionally, this lovely desk is sturdily made for longevity as it features a wooden top and steel legs. Besides, it also comes with adjustable leg pads that allow the user to install the desk on an uneven surface. 

However, the desk is not very stable, making it somehow unreliable. Aside from this setback, this desk is spacious and can be utilized for writing, computer work, reading, or gaming. Moreover, the desk is easy to clean, and assembling it may take close to 40 minutes. 


  • Sturdy construction 
  • A large work area 
  • It is easy to assemble 
  • It is simple to clean 
  • The model comprises adjustable leg pads that allow the desk to be installed on an uneven floor 
  • It has spacious legroom, which is ideal for both short and tall people 
  • It comes with an 18-months warranty 


  • The desk is pretty unstable 

JOISCOPE 40-Inches Home Office Computer Desk 

If you want a simple but functional desk, the JOISCOPE 40-inch home office computer desk is the perfect desk for you. Made of chipboard top and premium steel legs, this desk is top-quality and will last for a while. On top of that, it has black and oak wood panels that will easily blend with most modern décor. 

JOISCOPE 40-inches home office computer desk is also compact, meaning it won’t take a lot of space in your constrained home. Nonetheless, it has an ample work surface suitable for writing, computer, gaming, and reading. 

Setting up this desk is also straightforward and won’t take you more than 35 minutes. However, the desk is considerably heavy, making moving it from one room to another somewhat challenging. 

Advantages of using this desk:

  • High-quality construction 
  • A large work area
  • Lovely rustic finish that blends with most modern themes 
  • It has two shelves that offer storage 


  • The desk is slightly heavy 

Signature Design by Ashley Hamlyn Traditional 48-inches Best small Home Office Desk 

If style and elegance are what you’re looking for in a small desk, then you will fall in love with the Signature Design by Ashley Hamlyn Traditional 48-inch home office desk. This desk will easily blend with your modern or traditional home theme, featuring a traditional style with beautiful reeded table legs. 

What’s more, it is well made to last as it comes with wood, veneers, and engineered wood. Additionally, it has a slide-out keyboard tray that simplifies your work. Finally, with measurements of 48-inches wide by 28-inches deep by 30.25-inches height, this desk can fit in the most compact places. 

Besides, it is easy to assemble as you only have to screw in the legs. All in all, it is a lovely, stylish, and functional small office desk. 

What we like:

  • Well-made for durability 
  • Sleek and stylish design 
  • Excellent finish 
  • Easy to assemble

What we don’t like:

  • Not very durable  

Coavas 40-Inch Folding Desk  

The Coavas 40-inch folding desk can be used for writing, computer, reading, gaming, or even picnic. This desk is portable and can be folded away with a lot of ease. It is one of the best small desks for the money as it’s convenient. Additionally, the desk has enough space for executing all kinds of tasks, as mentioned above. 

This desk is unique because it can be installed in any home as its finish and design can fit in a corner or anywhere you feel it is the right place. And since it is easy to assemble, you don’t need to carry lots of tools with you as you go for a picnic or want to use it outdoors for a party. 

However, this desk is not so durable as many previous buyers have had complaints about it. Nonetheless, at such a fantastic cost, this desk is worth investing in. 


  • It is portable
  • This folding desk is easy to store 
  • It offers a wide variety of uses 
  • It blends with most styles 
  • The office desk is straightforward to assemble
  • It is affordable 


  • It is not durable 

Cubiker 47-Inch Computer Home Office Desk  

If you have a lot of paperwork or love reading, the Cubiker 47-inch computer home office desk is the ideal desk for you. This desk features a storage shelf and bookshelf and offers ample space for storing your books and other office supplies. What’s more, it is beautifully designed with a rustic finish that can easily blend with most modern themes.

The Cubiker computer home office desk is also robustly constructed to last longer. It is made of an engineered wood top and heavy-duty powder-coated steel. Therefore, the desk is very stable and can accommodate a monitor and a laptop. 

The only setback you will come across while using this desk is that it doesn’t come with a cable hole or port for proper cable management. But at such an affordable price, this is one of the best small desks for the money. 

Top Features:

  • Robustly constructed 
  • Beautiful rustic finish  
  • It comes with shelves for storage 
  • It is a multi-purpose desk 
  • The home desk comes with adjustable leg pads that provide additional stability 


  • It doesn’t come with a cable port or hole for proper cable management 

Fryer 31.5-Inches Small Folding Desk 

If you have a small house and want a home office desk that will fit perfectly without using a lot of space, the Frylr 31.5-inches small folding desk is the ideal desk for you. This is a very sturdy table made of MDF, CARB approved, and non-toxic with heavy-duty and powder-coated steel legs. The only challenge is that it wobbles a bit. 

The Fryer small folding desk can be utilized for several tasks, including office work, gaming, reading, writing, and even for picnics. So, it is a multi-purpose desk. On top of that, this desk is elegant as it can easily blend with most themes. Thanks to its walnut plus black finish. 

Aside from the typical features that most home office desks come with, this desk also has a few peculiar features, such as two power plugs and two 2.1A USB ports for easy and convenient charging. Thus, you can charge your phone or laptop with much ease.  


  • It is well-made to last long 
  • The desk is stylish and elegant 
  • It is compact to fit in most constrained places 
  • This folding desk is easy to set up as it doesn’t require assembly
  • It is a multi-purpose desk as it can be used for various tasks
  • It is foldable for easier storage and transportation 


  • The desk wobbles a lot 

HSH 47-Inch Industrial Home Office Desk 

HSH 47-inch Industrial Home office desk is one of the most exceptional small desks on this list. Featuring heavy-duty K-Shaped metal legs and a rustic wood grain textured desktop, this is a durable desk that will hold up for a long time. 

Moreover, the desk has an ample work area of 47-inches, which is enough for all kinds of office work. Besides, the desk can also be used for writing, gaming, and reading. What’s more, the desk is stylish, meaning it will match with most modern decors. 

Since this desk is meant for small spaces, it is also lightweight so that you can move it from one place to another with a lot of ease. And if you face any problem during shipping, the manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 24-month warranty. Hence, you can relax knowing that you’re investing in a dependable brand. 

Why should you buy this?

  • It is durably made 
  • The desk is sleek and stylish 
  • It is straightforward to assemble 
  • The desk is lightweight and easy to move around 
  • It comes with a 24-month warranty 

Why not?

  • The desktop surface is textured, which is not ideal for a person working for long hours 

SHW 40-Inch Home Office Computer Desk 

SHW 40-inch home office computer desk is a simple but well-made desk that will support a monitor and a computer. Measuring 40-inches wide by 19-inches diameter by 28-inches height, this desk is efficient. 

Apart from the excellent work area it offers, the desk is also sturdily constructed to last long. It comes with particleboard and a heavy-duty, powder-coated steel frame. These two make it hold up well. Nevertheless, the black finish is not durable as it flakes off after some time. 

Unlike most desks on this list, setting up this desk is straightforward. Thanks to the instructions that the manufacturer provides for easy and fast installation. 


  • Sturdily made to last long 
  • Excellent finish and design to complement most decors
  • Simple to assemble 
  • It has a large work area for all kinds of tasks 


  • The black finish on the top flakes off after some time of use 

Signature Design by Ashley 25.38-Inch Mirimyn Farmhouse Home Office Small Desk 

If you’re looking for a unique table that will also last, the Signature Design by Ashley Mirimyn Farmhouse home office desk is the suitable desk for you. Constructed using engineered wood, this desk is durable and stable. It is also easy to assemble as it doesn’t come with many parts. 

The Signature Design by Ashley Mirimyn farmhouse home office small desk is also compact and fit in constrained places. So, if you have a studio home or very little space in your home, this is the best desk for you. Besides, it can be used for writing, office work, or even for gaming.

What are the features?

  • It is strongly built to last 
  • It has a nice finish that can blend with any décor 
  • The home office desk is of an ideal size for all kinds of tasks 
  • It is simple to assemble 
  • It is stable and does not wobble 


  • The desk comes with some paint chipping

Cubi 32-Inch Study Computer Desk 

If you’re on a tight budget, the Cubi Cubi 32-inch study computer desk is an excellent desk at a great price. Despite being small, this desk is very convenient to use as it comes with a hook and bag for keeping your things. So, you can access most of your home office supplies quickly. 

Furthermore, the Cubi Cubi 32-inch desk has a reasonable surface that allows you to execute any work, such as office work, writing, reading, or gaming. And with its vintage finish, this desk can blend with different home themes. 

Additionally, assembling the desk is easy as it comes with all the necessary tools. Finally, since it comes with an anti-scratch finish, expect it to last long, and cleaning is simple. 


  • It is a multi-purpose desk 
  • It has a vintage finish that will blend with most decors 
  • The desk is anti-scratch and easy to clean 
  • It has a hook and a bag for storage 
  • The computer desk is simple to install 
  • It is affordable 


  • The desk is somewhat wobbly 

VIPEK 47-Inch Computer Desk with Hutch and Storage Shelves 

VIPEK 47-Inch Computer desk with hutch and storage shelves is one of the best desks for people who want to save space. Besides, this sleek and stylish desk is very functional and can be used for various tasks. With the hutch and shelves, this home office desk allows you to keep all the office supplies that you need within reach. 

It also comes with a large work surface that allows you to set up two monitors or a monitor and a computer. Nonetheless, setting up this desk is somewhat cumbersome as it has several parts that you need to put together. 

Things we like:

  • The office desk is beautifully designed to save on space
  • It has a lovely rustic finish 
  • It has a hutch and shelves for proper storage 
  • This office desk has a large work area 
  • It comes with a waterproof and anti-scratch surface 


  • It is pretty cumbersome to setup
  • The desk is pretty heavy to move around 

MR Ironstone 31-Inch Small Home Office Computer Desk For the Money

If you want the best value for money, Mr Ironstone’s 31-inch small home office computer desk is the best choice for you. This desk is not only compact and lovely but also functional and convenient. Thanks to the features that it comes with, such as a cup holder, hooks, and side bag. These help you to stay organized and access most of your office supplies while seated. 

Mr Ironstone small office desk is also well-made for longevity as it comprises engineered wood and matte metal leg frames. Also, it has two metal support bars that add stability to the desk and prevent it from being wobbly. 


  • It is sturdy 
  • It is easy to setup
  • The desk has lots of storage areas 
  • It is sleek and lovely 
  • It comes with adjustable feet to prevent it from wobbling 


  • Not ideal for people who want to put a lot of weight on the desk 

NEED Folding Desk with no Assembly 

If space is a challenge at home, but you still desire a compact and functional desk, the NEED Folding desk with no assembly is the perfect desk to spend your hard-earned money on. The NEED Folding desk comes with ¾-inch thick board and steel legs with no assembling needed. On top of that, it has adjustable leg pads that allow users to install the desk even on an uneven floor. 

When the desk is not being utilized, or you want more space in your home, you can fold up this desk and keep it in the store. Besides, the desk is very portable, meaning you can quickly lift it from one location to another. However, since this desk cannot be adjusted, it is not ideal for working long hours as you may end up experiencing back pain. 


  • Heavy-duty construction 
  • It is simple to store as it can be folded
  • Straightforward to assemble 
  • There is no assembling required
  • It is affordable 
  • The desk is portable 
  • It comes with adjustable legs to keep the desk stable even on an uneven floor 


  • It cannot be adjusted to reduce back pain

FITUEYES 27-Inch Computer Desk for Small Spaces 

If you live in a studio apartment, the FITUEYES 27-Inch computer desk will take up very little space in your home. Studio homes are usually tiny, and that’s why having a small desk like this one is important. Measuring 27.6-inches in length by 15.7-inches in depth, this desk can only accommodate one desktop or laptop. 

FITUEYES computer desk is also compactly designed to fit in any compact space in your home. Thus, you can install it in a corner, close to a window, or anywhere you wish to. Additionally, the desk is ergonomically designed as it comes with an extra-level shelf for placing your keyboard for ease of use. Also, it has a bottom storage shelf that you can place a printer or any other office accessory.  

Aside from having a small work surface area, this is an excellent desk that will ensure you complete most of your office tasks without taking up a lot of space at home. 


  • It is sturdy
  • It is lightweight for ease of maneuverability 
  • The office desk comes with an extra-level shelf for placing your keyboard or laptop
  • It has a storage shelf to keep your things 
  • It is easy to setup


  • This unit is minimal and limits the type of projects that can be executed on it  

Cubiker 32-Inch Small Computer Home Office Writing Desk 

Cubiker is among the top home office desk brands on the market. The Cubiker 32-inch small computer home office writing desk is a friendly desk for people with small space or who want to save space. Fitted with a wooden tabletop and metal legs, this is a sturdy desk that can hold at least one monitor on the small desk and a laptop. 

Besides, the desk has a rustic finish, which will make your home lively and pleasant. In addition, this desk offers a hook for hanging your headphones or bag and a side bag for storing your office supplies. What’s more, installing the desk is easy as it comes with fewer parts. Nonetheless, the instructions are not very clear, but the desk is easy to install. 


  • It is well-made to last 
  • It comes with a rustic finish that blends with most themes
  • The office desk has a storage bag and hook to allow the user to stay organized 
  • It has a small table to increase your work area 


  • Installation instructions are not very clear 

GreenForest 2-Tier Folding Desk 

The GreenForest 2-tier folding desk saves space and makes it easy for the user to utilize the desk fully. Thanks to the 2-tier design that enables the buyer to put office supplies on the top shelf. You can put it on the top tier and the laptop on the second tier if you have a monitor. 

Featuring a walnut finish, this desk will make your room look elegant and beautiful. It also matches with most themes as it’s simple but outstanding. On top of that, it has X-Shaped legs that improve stability. Also, these legs make it easy to fold the desk when not in use or if you want to use the space it occupies. 

What are the unique features?

  • Simple and elegant design
  • It is portable
  • It is a multi-purpose desk
  • The office desk can be collapsed for storage or to create some space  
  • It does not require assembly 


  • The desk is not very sturdy as it cannot hold more than 20 pounds

LUFEIYA 31-Inch Small Computer Desk Review

LUFEIYA is not a famous home office desk brand, but the LUFEIYA 31-inch small computer desk is among the best small home office desks on the market. If you want a desk that can match any décor and fit in the compact spaces, this is the desk for you. 

Fitted with an anti-scratch, waterproof, and anti-collision desktop with metal legs, this is a desk that you will utilize for several years to come. However, you shouldn’t place heavy items on it as it will become wobbly. Also, installing the desk can be somewhat challenging as the installation instructions are not very clear. 

Generally, this is a lovely desk that comes with a hook and storage bag for keeping your valuables. Besides, the manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty so that you can have complete trust in the brand. 


  • It is robustly constructed for long-lastingness 
  • It has an anti-scratch and waterproof tabletop
  • The desk comes with a hook and bag for storage 
  • It has a lovely white and black finish that complements most home styles
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty 


  • The desk is very wobbly
  • Installation instructions are not clear 

Travel 39.37-Inches Computer Desk 

Travel 39.37-inches computer desk is uniquely designed and very sturdy. It is as well as simple and easy to install. With its large work area, this desk can be used for all kinds of tasks as it offers more than 39.37-inches of space. So, you can use it for office work, gaming, or writing. 

I like the Traves computer desk because it has a P2 class particle board with a high gloss finish and a smooth, scratch-resistant, waterproof top surface. Together with the heavy-duty and powder-coated metal frames, this desk can hold a lot of weight. What’s more, its legs are stable, unlike most small desks that feature wobbly legs. 

Advantages we found:

  • It is sturdily built 
  • It has a large work area 
  • The desk is sleek and elegant 
  • The desk is very stable 
  • It has a smooth, scratch-resistant, and waterproof tabletop that is also easy to clean 


  • The desk is somewhat heavy compared to other desks on this list 

How do I select the suitable home office desk?

If you want to acquire the best home office desk, there are several things that you have to look at. If you don’t, you may land a desk that will make you miserable and have a hard time executing your work. Therefore, here are vital things to consider while looking for the best small desk for your home office:

Know how you intend to use the desk

A massive step in selecting the best home office desk is by considering what you will be using the desk for. For example, some people want a desk for computer work, while others want a desk for paperwork or gaming. A desk meant for paperwork should be bigger so that it can accommodate books and files. Also, drawers can help you stay organized if you use the desk daily. For regular use, you should buy a small office desk with drawers.

Desk material 

Different desk materials give different home office desks different feels. On top of that, they determine how durable the desk will be. The standard and most preferred desk material is wood. It is followed closely by laminate material, metal, and finally glass. Note that woods come in different forms, and you will have a variety of decks to choose from. 

Nonetheless, metal is the most durable material, followed by wood. On the contrary, glass is the most elegant but least durable. Also, consider the desk’s finish as some desks feature rough surfaces that are not ideal for working for long hours. 

Ergonomics and space 

Since the main essence of buying a small desk is to save space, you need to look at the desk’s ergonomics. This is very important as it will determine whether the desk you plan to buy can fit your space or the area it will take.

The best desks for compact homes or small spaces are L-Shaped, portable, or wall-mounted desks. Consider this while choosing a small desk for your home office


Last but not least, the flexibility or convenience the desk brings is also crucial. For instance, having an adjustable desk allows you to be more active and productive. In addition, since the desk can be adjusted from sitting to standing, you can work flawlessly without back pain. 

Another factor to consider is the desk’s portability. Can you move the desk from one corner of your room to another? Having an adjustable desk at home can allow you to work from a room or area that you feel is convenient at that particular time. 

Final Overview

Despite having a compact or small house or space, a small home office desk can save you by ensuring that you execute your work from the convenience of your home. These desks can fit in small spaces without making a lot of modifications to your house. However, it is also vital to select a desk that will meet your needs and demands. 

With the above list, picking a perfect small desk for your needs and budget has been simplified. Make sure to consider the material, ergonomics, design, and finish to land the best possible desk. 


Where in my home should I put my home office desk?

Put your home office desk in an area that is well-ventilated with no distractions and enough light. The location should also be away from foot traffic, and it should be serene. If you want to have little to no distractions, face your desk to the wall. 

What brand makes the best home office desk?

There are several exceptional home office desk brands on the market. Nonetheless, some brands stand out from the rest. These brands produce quality, reliable, durable, and stylish desks. Some of the top home office desk brands include Flexispot, IKEA, Topsky, Elle, Walker, and others. 

Should desk drawers be on the left or right side of the desk?

This is not a big deal as desk drawers can either be on the left or right side. However, it can vary from one person to another. Also, it depends on the layout of your desk. Overall, it is crucial to select an office desk with drawers on your most dominant side. This makes it straightforward for you to access files and office supplies kept in the drawers. 

How can I make my desk productive? 

Making your desk productive is crucial if you know what to do. One of the steps you have to take to make it productive is installing it near a window. Secondly, you should get an ergonomic chair. Furthermore, consider getting an adjustable desk that allows you to stand or sit while working. 

How do I lay out my office desk?

Your office layout is crucial if you want to be productive at work. So, it would help if you got it right to focus and work to the maximum. One of the things to consider when laying out your office is the office supplies. Ensure they are correctly organized for ease of access and storage. 

Other things to consider are to keep the office as simple as possible. You don’t want to feature many things on your office desk that you don’t have enough workspace. Additionally, you should embrace a white or rustic theme around your desk and work area. Finally, prioritize your workflow. 


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